News: Aquafront founder Akil Gordon-Beckford confirmed speaker at Aquatics Live 2012

Aquafront founder and lead designer Akil Gordon-Beckford will be speaking at the Aquatics Live event on the 10th of November 2012, London Olympia. His talk will be on the subject of ‘Integrated Aquarium Design’, in which Akil will be sharing his insights into how aquariums can become a part of your lifestyle as well as your living space. Akil will be sharing the stage with world leading experts such as Heiko Bleher and Joe Yaiullo as part of the featured Seminar  line up at the show.

To hear him talk along with other key people within the field of aquatics and fish-keeping, follow this link and book your tickets.

Topics to be covered include

Aquariums: A dynamic interior feature
- Impact on the physical space
- Examples of the best aquarium design works from around the world
- A different approach to aquarium design
Aquarium Themes and Colour Schemes
- Aquarium design with meaning
- Colour, Form and Movement
- Balancing fish and aquascape

Aquarium Cabinetry
- What makes or breaks a tank
- Aquarium design visualization
- Location, Style and Function
- Materials and finishes

Lighting as a design element
- The impact of aquarium lighting on the physical space
- The aesthetics of lighting design
- Lighting design variables, options and solutions

Lifestyle Integration
- The impact that an aquarium can have on your lifestyle, positive and negative.
- How to minimise the negative and enhance the positive
- Aquarium automation
- User interface

Details of Akil’s seminar time slots can be found here: