News: Aquafront Working With Make A Wish Foundation to Make a Boys Dream Come True

We were delighted to have been contacted by the team at the Make A Wish Foundation UK to design an integrated aquarium for a young boy who’s wish was to have a very unique aquarium built into his bedroom “like the ones on the telly”.  We gladly donated our design services after hearing the young man’s story, and what the charity were trying to do.


Working with the young man and his family we created a design that encapsulated the thing that was important to him whilst at the same time being suitable to meet his physical needs. The aquarium was based on the young man’s passion for music, in particular rock and roll! The cabinetry design has REAL components of an electric guitar built into it to emulate this design theme. 


We’re really passionate about getting this project right for our client and creating something that really makes a really positive difference to his life.

We’re still at the development stages so further details to follow…